Boost your outbound sales activities

Increase sales efficiency and track call activity down to each minute with The Actimizer Dialer solution


The Actimizer Power Dialer App for salesforce™

Make your outbound sales activities in the Salesforce CRM more efficient, measurable and transparent. With The Actimizer Power Dialer App for you can increase sales results immediately.

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The most successful sales organizations in Europe

...make 1 million + calls per year and have boosted their outbound sales efficiency by 25-400%.

We help sales people close more deals

With Actimizer, your sales agents can focus their prospecting time on talking to decision makers and closing deals – rather than manual dialing, administration and registration.

They have increased sales with us

Our customers have increased their sales efficiency and profitability with us. Here is what some of them have to say about Actimizer:

Customer success

Our customers have experienced an instant increase in sales and a dramatic boost of their performance metrics.
That is why customer success with Actimizer is so easy to measure.

Customers sucess stories

Four reasons to choose Actimizer


Boost sales efficiency while gaining cost-control

Put your sales organization ahead - without extensive costs or implementation time. Actimizer helps you to ensure and retain outbound sales efficiency and puts you in control over costs for your insides sales organization and/or external partners.

Actimizer is the most profitable investment for our B2B appointment setting.

Jacobs Douwe Egberts

Sky-rocket sales performance

Leverage your sales team's performance with powerful sales management performance enhancements and insights to keep your team ahead of target.

We have gained the optimal utilization of our sales reps with Actimizer.

Henry van der Meer, NDC Media Groep

Empower sales superstars

Free your sales agents from time-consuming and demotivating calls to busy or unanswered lines. With the Actimizer intelligent contact flow and automatic call logging, your sales agents can focus on productive sales conversations.

Our employee satisfaction surveys show that Actimizer is in the top 3 of reasons why our agents like working with us.

VirCall Virtual Call Center

Your leads' time is valuable - Wow them!

Project a professional and reliable image towards leads, prospects and customers. Actimizer automatically ensures that redials are on time and not a single call falls through the cracks.

Up and running in no time

No installation. No new hardware. All plug-and-play!


1. Create online login

Access with secure log-in. All you need is a web-browser and a phone line.


2. Manage & assign leads

Add sales agents, distribute your leads and customize campaigns.


3. Start increasing sales

Start calling leads and customers smart and efficiently - today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our customers report an immediate Return-on-Investment (ROI).

With Actimizer you get a license-based pricing model that matches all sizes of teams (minimum 3 users) starting at EUR 105 per user per month. View license pricing and calculate your ROI via our pricing overview.

Absolutely not.

There is no implementation fee and your sales team can be up and running in a few hours – usually without involving your IT department. Implementation goes via three simple steps:

  1. Get an online login
  2. Create your team (users)
  3. Upload leads and customize your campaign(s)

Most sales agents learn how to use Actimizer in a matter of minutes because dialer buttons and controls basically look and feel like a smartphone.

That's right.

Actimizer is a cloud plug-and-play application, which means that you access with secure login online and Actimizer utilizes your existing phone line to conduct outbound calls. The requirements are:

  • A modern web-browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer 9 +)- Cross-OS
  • A dedicated phone line per sales agent, which can receive an inbound call (VoIP/landline recommended)


Actimizer works on any operating system and most modern web-browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer 9+).

Glad you asked!

In fact, the Actimizer application has 99,8% uptime. Our customers close tons of deals and book lots of meetings with Actimizer and have no time for downtime.

Return-on-Investment - Guaranteed!

Calculate your potantial return-on-investment (ROI) with Actimizer