Actimizer FAQ

The most frequently asked questions - and their answers.


You can customize almost anything in the lead contact flow - and you can create your own result fields in no time.

Book a web-demo and see how Actimizer can adapt to your lead processing flow.

Less than an hour.

Usually, new agents learn how to use the dialer in a matter minutes, because the buttons and controls remind of the ones they know from most smartphones.

Upload batches from a file: You can upload lead batches from an Excel (.csv) file. Actimizer can handle large batches of leads and performs a duplicate check depending on your preferences.

Automated import: You can import leads automatically via API - which is particularly useful if you call leads from web-forms, where speed-to-dial matters.


Since Actimizer requires no installation, all you have to do is create secure logins for your external channels and agents working remotely (or from home). With Actimizer, you can essentially run a virtual call center with no geographical barriers.

Additionally, you can manage your organization and campaigns so external and internal teams have completely separate setups.

You bet.

Actimizer can record and store all conversation in full-length for training - or parts of conversations for documentation purposes. You can even do both at the same time.

Recorded calls are stored in Actimizer.

You can find recordings in the lead log or our live call monitor and listen directly in the browser or download as mp3 files. Play recorded calls from your computer or smartphone via you iTunes or MediaPlayer library.

Read more about call recording

It's more than that.

With Actimizer you can get various types of dialer modes dedicated for different types of outbound campaigns and activities. You can switch your campaigns between different dialer modes, here raked after speed:

-          Basket Dialer: Assign a “basket” of leads to an agent to be called ad hoc

-          Click-to-Dial: Unlimited preview of lead data and user-activated dialing

-          Preview Dialer: Predefined preview (in seconds) before automatic dialing

-          Power Dialer: Progressively dialing leads for high efficiency

-          Predictive dialer: Dramatically reduces idle time between calls

Read more about the dialer functionalities


Actimizer CRM Connector is a free and easy-to-deploy tool to help you connect data from the dialer directly into the client card in your cloud-based CRM systems.

For an automated and customized data flow, you can integrate via API.

If you’re using salesforce ™, we have an app for that.

Any dedicated phone number works with Actimizer.

We recommend VoIP or landline telephony via office phone or softphone (like Zoiper or X-lite or Skype ™ online numbers). 

Any phone number (that you own).

You can enter a phone number for a specific campaign or team or you can show the user’s phone number. To receive inbound calls, you can utilize the “Return-Call- Manager” service, which directs inbound calls back to the agent who made the outbound call.

Not a problem. 

We are here to help - and we mean it. Here is how to reach us.

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